Who would like to have a near death experience with their new car (be it fresh or second hand)? I don’t think any of us would want to go through such an experience. Hence it is very important to get the Car checked for Roadworthiness and obtaining the required Certificate to avoid unpleasantness in the future. There are some important points to be noted so that the Car remains in the proper condition and you can have a safe drive.

Roadworthy Certificate is a must whether you are in Victoria Melbourne or Queensland. The test regulations are different between states and territories but the aim is the same, to check if the Car is safe to be driven or not. In Queensland, it is called Safety Check instead of Roadworthy Test. The Certificate is issued by a license vehicle tester only.

The Roadworthy test is required in the following scenarios:-

  • registration renewal
  • initial registration
  • vehicles previously registered in another state or territory
  • selling a vehicle
  • lapsed registration
  • vehicle modifications
  • a defect notice

As a vehicle owner, it is your prime responsibility to see that the Car is roadworthy and there are no defects. Always be aware of the functioning of your Car and be prompt in sensing any difficulties. This helps in avoiding any unwanted major repairs of the Car. Get your Car for periodic maintenance so that at the time of Roadworthy test the Car is in the best condition. It must be ensured that the Car is taken to a registered vehicle tester who will do the Vehicle Inspection before it hits the roads for regular travel purpose. If in Melbourne, then there are a number for excellent Car Services at Hoppers Crossing who is licensed vehicle testers.

The safety or roadworthy test looks into the below areas of the car:-

  • Condition of tyres
  • Brake Defects
  • Vehicle body rust or damage
  • Windscreen chips and cracks
  • Faulty Lights
  • Oil Leaks
  • Non-Secure Seats or Seat-belts
  • Excessive Smoke and Noise

The above checks will ensure protection to the buyer of the vehicle and avoid unwanted crashes on the roads caused by unsafe vehicles. Following these checks will also help you avoid failing the roadworthy test and will also prolong the life of your Car. For a happy and safe travel on the road certain checks are necessary so that everyone enjoys the ride.