People remember accidents, but drivers remember the near misses…Sure, you don’t want to be remembered as one!!!

The prime question here that’s going to pop up in your head is about your Car’s Safety! Hence, a thought arises about the Expensive Car Repairs associated with the automobile. To minimize spending huge chunks of money, Car Maintenance should be on every car owner’s mind. Call it a need or a desire to keep your car expenses at bay, one has to have the preventive maintenance to safeguard the need of your car. There are ways one can avoid wallet busters by being aware, alert & decisive.

First rule starts checking the ordinary in the car. Make sure all the lights are functioning; check the air pressure in your tires once in 2 weeks.

Second is to tag sure for any strange sounds, inside-out & Make sure your tire gets enough tread.

Third in the checklist is the easiest, hands-on & more of a DIY thing. Replacing a cabin air filter, How to? Where to buy? What’s the cost? You will find it normally all the way down the glove box or sometimes behind it. One can get it at any mechanic shop nearby.

The next one is also quite basic & easy-to-do. Look over your oil to check its color & oil level. It’s easily identifiable whether it’s murky, muddy or clean oil. Lastly will be to check up the battery in a six-month gap. Clean the contacts with battery cleaning brush which might set you a couple of bucks back.

Certain technical repair needs assistant guidance which can be fulfilled by forwarding your need to the mechanic as to what type of Car Services is required. Williamstown is a destination for every small and big car repairs where you will find best and reasonable car repairs. Car Service Williamstown is a one stop solution for all the recurring repairs of the car at an affordable and competitive rate. This helps for a hassle free travel.

Follow a simple saying “Take care of your car in the garage & the car will take care of you on the road.”

It all boils down to this; five very crucial step that’s going to take care of your car for a lifetime.

The first step will be to Change your spark plugs incase when worn-out or covered in buildup, if you don’t, the engine’s going to stop working efficiently which in-turn can lead to a breakdown. Changing it once & installing iridium spark plug will pull your car without any adieu at 100,000 miles rather than copper plugs.

The second step is to get your alignment checked if you want to keep your car straight on the road avoiding any bad situation. Also, it’s very important to get the tires rotated & balanced in sync to drive smoother.

The third one sets the crux of the car’s heart (engine). It is to get your transmission checked & get it diagnosed if it’s automatic or manual. Problems like vehicle shuddering, Check Light coming on/off again.

The fourth one is complacent to third one. One needs to get the suspension valve & its plugs straight for a smooth drive & cruise-over. Without doing so, would result in toppling of car over the edge or feeling a bit bouncy/topsy-turvy.

The fifth one is the most-common problem all over the world, Clutch stabilizing issue. At times, clutch may disconnect from the flywheel (found in today’s latest car) which may cause problem like hard to select gears, burning smell from vehicle or clutch fluid leak.

To put up with and to avoid you coming to a halt in the middle of the road because of a car breakdown, keep a manual check which is within your boundaries and anything beyond this consult a right mechanic.