People need to understand the difference between car service and roadworthy service and when it is actually needed. As we know every car need service time to time but which kind of service? Regular car service or a roadworthy service, now we explain the difference between this two services, so it will be clearer to you.

Regular Car Service:

As we said in our previous blog about car service, again we advise you don’t ignore small problems. We all need to know about its basics like check your engine oil and change it if needed, same as check other fluid also which is given in your car manual. Check your tyre pressure. Check your breaks and most important thing is schedule your car inspection on time and service your car when needed, it will definitely help your car to get in major problem and save your thousands of bucks.

Roadworthy Service:

When you require roadworthy certificate is such certain condition like your vehicle is sold or re-registered. This certificate is only issued by a licenced vehicle tester. You can get that certificate only if your vehicle passed a roadworthy check.

What parts they check at the time of roadworthy check:

  • Wheels and tyres.
  • Steering, suspension and braking systems.
  • Seats and seat belts.
  • Lamps and reflectors.
  • Windscreen, and windows including front windscreen wipers and washers.
  • The structure of the vehicle itself.
  • Other safety related items on the body, chassis or engine.

Above parts are being checked at the time of roadworthy and if any of this not working proper so you don’t get that certificate. So be careful for that.


At the time of regular service you don’t have to pay that much amount and do regular service. Check only necessary part in which you feel problem otherwise no need to check it but at the time of roadworthy you need to inspect all above things and if it’s not working properly so you must make it proper and then you get that certificate.

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