So, now it’s time to get serviced your car.

Whenever you think about car service so first make it clear what your car want actually. There are mainly three types of service we provide like Minor, Interim and Major.

People facing problems at the time of choosing service among this given above, but think why you need to choose this kind of service whether you go for regular. So, if you do not follow the car’s logbook servicing schedule considered by all leading motors company. By doing this you are doing unfair to your vehicle.

Now, we define what is the difference between all this service and what you should prefer for your car. We start from Minor car service.<

Minor car service

It’s general kind of service or called a minor service. In this service, we replacing the oil and filter of the engine. It’s the only part would be used in this service, any additional parts serviced depends on your car’s fault and only replaced with customer’s authorisation.

Minor Service also includes an under-body and under-bonnet safety inspection. The inspection process does not take enough time, in this also fluid levels checked, Brakes, tyres and light of the system.

Interim car service

This is second types of service which are very less used nowadays, It was mostly used at the time of an engine oil change or oil filter change between this what vehicle manufacturer set for normal service intervals.

This oil change additionally performed may be vehicle was used under tough conditions, or may be used in the dusty environment or racing etc.

In this, service may not include any further mechanical checks unless such as precise parts need an attention.

Major car service

Major car service is always confusing compared to other services, I want, to be honest with you, a maximum number of mechanics reach to the car’s service book rubbing their heads, At Which mileages what components need to be changed. Every car maker has its own recommendation for mileages, in this they trying to indicate some general parts replacement like timing belts, spark plug, cabin filters, fuel filters etc.

Major Service includes an engine oil change and filter change, but if we talk about the rest of the work including in this service can grab your thousands of dollars for an extra work.


Always keep your history of service accurate so your mechanic always understands your car problem and take proper decisions for your vehicle which can help to save your money.

Whatever mechanic you choose for your vehicle you have to trust him. If you don’t know such mechanic on which you can trust so BDS Autocare is one of them.

They provide car service in Hoppers Crossing, Williamstown in Victoria. They provide all kind of service given above to your vehicle and also gives you exact advice for your vehicle.

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