We often questioned to our customers about common defects occurred in cars, only because of that they can’t clear roadworthy certificate inspections.

This all are very common problems which we discussed in this blog but now first we understand why roadworthy certificate is very important.

Why we required Licence to drive a car?

We all know to prove yourself as a good driver you must need a licence, which ensure others also for the safety purpose. That is our right to be safe at the time of driving, same as if driver need a licence for the drive so, whatever thing we drive that also needs to be perfect for the sake of safety, but how you know that is it safe or not? That’s why we required Roadworthy certificate which insures us whatever vehicle we are driving is also safe and no need to worry about it.

A major part of this certificate is only Safety, in this inspection, it covers lot many things which are very important to keep our roads smooth. So, below we discussed some most common reasons and because of that, your roadworthy certificate inspection fails.

Suspension Bushing – Bushings are made of strong pieces of rubber, it connect your suspension components with the car. Without bushing, you can’t imagine to ride a car. You are always expecting that your car runs well with precision, but if any of the bushings are damaged at the time of driving and you are somewhere in a wrong place so that could cause a problem for you or may be others.

Tyres – Tyres are the only things which make your car move and connect to the road. Tyre’s most important work is grip, it grips your car on the road but in any reason, it loses its grip so you know how well you have to maintain your tyres. This is the one who help us in stop, accelerate, turn and drive. Low tread depth, side damage may be the reason for the failure of your roadworthy.

Power Steering – Modern Power steering fitted with elecrictronics and hydraulics, which gives you more control and easy handling. But it also needs care, in this hydraulic systems which contain oil in pipes rarely leaks and if not fixed, can huge effect on your car control. So this is also might be the reason for roadworthy failure.

Tinted windows – If you are using tint film on windows so be careful before using it because VicRoads has very strict rules regarding that. Using tint may give you several benefits like privacy, heat etc. But for your personal benefit they can’t overlook safety. Tints darkness measured in VLT%. Higher the number, the lighter the tint. 35% darkest tint get permits from VicRoads. Yet in some cases, they allow 30% also. But you make sure if you want to use tint for your windows so the VLT% reading is minimum 35% or higher for getting an easily roadworthy certificate.

Above given are very small and common problems which can be solved easily and if you still not satisfied with your roadworthy inspection so come to us at BDS Autocare. We are one of the best at our niche. We are giving all kind of service like car service, Roadworthy certificate in Melbourne, Hoppers crossing, Point Cook and Williamstown.