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What is a Roadworthy Certificate?

Generally, it is a certificate that is claimed in case of a vehicle being sold or re-registered and acts as a support or a relief in reducing the number of defective and inadequate vehicles on the road. These certificates are circulated by a licensed vehicle tester who functions from a designated garage or service station. This certificate is provided only if the vehicle has passed a roadworthy inspection.

It is an examination to safeguard the basic and vital parts of the vehicle and also to examine them for safety measures. The well experienced and able BDS Autocare mechanics in Melbourne have vast knowledge about the vehicles and its service as well. The mechanical repairs are inexpensive and reasonable. Most importantly, here, the technicians will never repair your vehicle without your permission even after having explained the pros and cons of damages or repairs to be done.

BDS Autocare in Australia is an authentic automotive service Centre whose services are provided by the above mentioned service center which is beneficial to the customers. Focusing on the service of the vehicle and its repair is a matter of pleasure as it satisfies in making customers contended and gratified. It also stands apart for its individuality and affordable price.

We provides facility for all sorts of new and old cars with outstanding outcome alongwith accuracy. As the experts technicians are skilled and appreciate the significance of safety, the journey is sure to be safe and sound without any difficulty and as such is also tagged as ‘recognized or certified’ repairers.

We provides roadworthy certificate or a pre-purchase car inspection in our all service center located at Geelong, Hoppers Crossing, Point Cook, Williamstown and nearby suburbs. The expert and skilled technicians at BDS Autocare provides a comprehensive analysis of your vehicle and guide for overhauling if required.

Moreover, with the help of up-to-date and distinguished appliances and with an exposure and knowledge in the respective field, it qualifies for complete repairs and service at a very moderate and reasonable cost.

We examine and evaluate the system and framework of your vehicle such as the tyres, wheels, the lights, windows and wipers. In short every little thing along with the interior like the seatbelts and the seats are ensured for your safety.

Last, but not the least, a regular inspection of vehicle is encouraged to secure safety and also to ensure that the safety defects do not go unnoticed to put the passengers life at risk and this is the main cause behind Australia’s long distance driving being safe that is both amusing and entertaining.